Learn Spanish Online?

Learn Spanish Online?

Should you learn Spanish online or Face-to-Face with an instructor?

In our technological and digitalized society, it is becoming more than just a trend, but almost a main staple of education to take online learning opportunities – such as learning Spanish online. As Spanish Language Learners, we want to know if online learning should be preferred over more traditional face to face learning. We will explore both of the options to help you make an informed decision when it comes to your classes.

Benefits of learning Spanish online:

It does not take much thought to see the main attraction for Online Learning—convenience. Why go somewhere specific when you can Learn Spanish from the comfort of your favorite chair or in your little nook in your coffee shop? Not only that, with Online learning you can set your own schedules and you save time trying to transport yourself to and from the Spanish Classroom.

Many of us Spanish Language Learners find that we perform best through writing. Since learning Spanish Online necessitates writing (on a keyboard), this medium may even greatly improve fluency in Spanish. Certainly, you will better be able to see grammatical and spelling errors online than on paper. After all, when learning Spanish Online, most of a student’s interactions will take place via Email and Online Classroom forums.

Imagine the following situation: Your teacher is giving a lesson on something that interests you. Maybe there is a few words you want to know. Maybe you want to find relevant videos to complement the lesson. Perhaps you haven’t been in this situation, but the point is easy to see: learning Spanish Online inherently optimizes your technological resources. All you need to do is open a new tab in your browser or click on the Spanish Language App you have installed. There is such a wealth of online resources and knowledge available all over the internet. With such options and aid, why not learn Spanish Online?

Benefits of Face-to-Face Spanish Classes:

With all the great benefits of learning Spanish Online, what need is there for meeting face-to-face in a Spanish class? I am sure right now you are thinking that I may have lost touch with reality and forgotten something key, and you would be right! But I have not forgotten.

Language is experienced in its natural modes primarily through audio-visual communication. While Skype and FaceTime are certainly valuable online resources, they cannot really replace the dynamic immediacy and presence of face-to-face communication. And without speaking Spanish, you can never truly achieve fluency.

Remember all those vast resources available online? Well, one resource perhaps taken for granted is those available in the classroom. Your Spanish Teacher is probably one of the best Spanish Lexicons and information broker you can find! She can find the word you need in moments rather than the 10 to 15 you may need to look up a word. She can also give you useful websites to practice your Spanish that would otherwise take you hours to find from all of those shining options with Spanish Online. Lastly, your teacher will better be able to model how Spanish looks, tastes, feels, and sounds Face-to-Face.

And let us not forget our fellow Spanish Language Learners! They can give you immediate feedback on your speaking and writing; they can encourage you with their proficiency to strive harder or drive passion into your heart with their verbal experiences. And remember that old adage, two minds are better than one? Well, how about a whole classroom full of minds to help you learn. Got a question, someone will be able to answer it. Spanish Online will have the answers somewhere to whatever question becomes pressing to you, but Face-to-Face Spanish gives immediate response.

With such seemingly invaluable benefits to learning Spanish Online and Face-to-Face, how can you decide between the two? We ask in return, why choose one option over the other? Schedule some online classes to learn new concepts through a written format and schedule some face-to-face Spanish classes that focus on conversation. Our instructors are flexible to help you decide which classes can be scheduled online and which can be One on One with an instructor or with a small group.


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  1. Christine Randolph September 3, 2017 at 12:51 pm

    I am wanting a Spanish conversation partner with a native speaker once per week via online skype chat. Would you please email me back with a price quote and advice for the next step?
    Thank you!

    • Thank you for inquiring about our Spanish Classes. We offer private or group classes for adults. Our private classes give you maximum flexibility and the freedom to customize your learning experience. These classes are designed for students wishing a fast paced and an individualized Spanish language program.

      When you complete the registration process and let us know your most convenient dates, times, we will find an instructor to match your preferences.

      Before your first class, your professional, native speaking instructor will conduct a comprehensive language skill assessment. This information will help both of you draft a learning plan and tailor the classes to your particular learning style. Our private classes target our student’s specific learning objectives and learning style.

      For private lessons information and to register you can go to http://localhost/school/learn-spanish/spanish-classes-for-adults/

      Skype classes are convenient and easy to schedule!

      Feel free to give me a call at (206) 832-7258 and I will be happy to give you more detailed information about the program or help you with registration. You can also check the pricing, instructor bios and customer feedback at http://www.TheSpanishLanguageSchool.com

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