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Spanish Classes for Adults

Multiple Options to Find the Right Learning Fit

Whether you wish to take Spanish classes for adults to communicate with millions of native Spanish speakers worldwide or with people in your neighborhood, enhance your travel experiences, improve your employment potential, prepare for study abroad, gain access to the world of Spanish art, or just for the fun of it—whatever your motivations, we have a program that can help you achieve your personal goals.

Online Spanish for Adults

Many Reasons to Choose One of Our Spanish Classes for Adults

Make friends. Meet other people that share your interest in the language and culture of Spain and Latin-American countries.

Sing-along. Sing to the tunes of many popular Spanish songs or watch a movie in Spanish.

Stand out in the job market. Many employers are looking for bilingual candidates.

Enrich your travel experiences. Next time you visit a Spanish speaking country, interact with the locals!

Keep your brain healthy. Many studies now show that learning a new language delays the onset of Alzheimer’s and postpones the symptoms of dementia.

Spanish Classes for Adults:

Private Classes

A fully tailored set of Spanish classes for adults, focused on your specific goals and schedule.

When you complete the registration process and let us know your most convenient dates and times, we will find an instructor match. Your instructor can connect with you /or your group via Zoom, Skype or in-person.

Before your first class, your professional, native instructor will conduct a comprehensive language skill assessment.  This information will help you and your instructor draft a learning plan and tailor the classes to your particular learning style.

  • All of the materials are provided.
  • Daytime, evening and weekend times are available.
  • 90 minute classes can be scheduled once, twice or more per week.


9 Hours Online
12 Hours Online
15 Hours Online


15 Hours

1 Student

1 student - 9 hr $425
1 student - 12 hr $554
1 student - 15 hr $678


1 student - 15 hr $903

2 Students

2 students - 12 hr $387
2 students - 15 hr $467


2 students - 15 hr $692

3 Students

3 students - 12 hr $360
3 students - 15 hr $432


3 students - 15 hr $657

4 Students

4 students - 12 hr $331
4 students - 15 hr $397


4 students - 15 hr $622

Prices are per student.

Spanish Classes for Adults:

Small Group Classes

Our small group Spanish classes are designed to help you use and understand Spanish within the context of your day to day life. We will help you improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, while we make communication our primary focus.

Small groups meet at cafes, libraries, or your instructor’s teaching studio. We offer classes with a wide range of levels, locations, and schedules to meet your needs.

Our small group classes are typically up to 4 students, 6 weeks long, and cost $258.

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What Others Say About Our Classes

"I'm on my third lesson with The Spanish Language School in Bothell and absolutely LOVE it.  I can't say enough good things about this program.  My instructor is Francia, and she make each lesson entertaining and so easy to understand.  I swear, I've learned more from her in the short time we've been studying together than I did in a whole semester of high school.  Right now I'm signed up for 15 hours of private instruction, and I plan to do at least three more sets of 15 hours.  ¡Muy bien!"

Lisa S., Bothell