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Spanish Classes for Children

Our children’s program is built on the philosophy that children learn, develop, and grow through personal experiences connected to their interests, abilities, and their environment.


Why Spanish at an Early Age?


Developmental Time. Children have it easier than us adults. Their brains are more receptive to language acquisition allowing them to learn and reach fluency more quickly.

Academic Advantages. Learning a language enhances a child’s cognitive development. This means that by learning Spanish, your child is better positioned to develop strong critical thinking and creative minds.

Global Perspective.  By engaging with Spanish language and culture at a young age, children will foster a more generous understanding toward other people.


Why Spanish with us?


Our Curriculum. We have developed a progressive curriculum that incorporates the latest teaching methods to make learning Spanish effective, easy, and fun.

Our Methodology. We believe children learn best by getting their hands and minds immersed! That’s why our kids program features a fully immersive environment filled with activities such as cooking, art, drama, and interactive games. We also offer a variety of workshops specifically for kids to practice Spanish in a fun, laid back environment.

Our Online Resources. As a registered student, your child can take advantage of our online learning resources wherever they go.

Our Instructors. All of our children’s instructors are native speakers,  who are specialized in early childhood education, and have passed a background check.


What do we offer?


Virtual Classes

Classes meet via Zoom on a drop-in basis and are conducted live, in real time, with a native-fluency Spanish instructor.

Purchase a package of 6 sessions today.

Ages 3-5 Beginner classes: $60 for 6 sessions, 30 minutes each

Grades 1-5 After School Enrichment classes: $90 for 6 sessions, 45 minutes each

Grades 7-12 Homework Help: $90 for 6 sessions, 45 minutes each

Virtual School: Ages 3-5 Beginner Classroom

Ages 3-5: Starting Apr 14, Tuesdays, 10:15 am - 10:45 am

Virtual After School Enrichment: Grades 1-5 Classroom

Grades 1-5: Starting Apr 16, Thursdays, 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm

Virtual Homework Help: Grades 6-12 Classroom

Grades 6-12: Starting Apr 15, Wednesdays, 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm
Children’s Spanish Class
Host Classes in Your Home

Invite friends and neighbors to be a part of a Spanish class you create. Don’t have friends or feel comfortable reaching out to your neighbors? No problem! We will advertise and find the students for you. You provide your home and we take care of the rest. As a thank you, we will waive your registration cost.

It’s easy to become a Host Family - just request a Host Family Packet to get started.


Bring Spanish to Your Child's School

Can't find the right option for you? Bring our program to  your child's  elementary school or preschool center. It is simpler than you think.


What Others Say About Our Classes

"The teachers are great and the classes well organized."

Fred J., Lake Forest Park