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Spanish Classes for Preschools

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Bring Spanish to Your Preschool


Whether you want year-round classes or only one quarterly session, incorporate a Spanish class as part of your weekly curriculum or implement a cultural enrichment activity, we have a dedicated team of early learning Spanish instructors who possess extensive experience teaching in early childhood centers, large or small.


We’ll work with you to create a customized program that meets the needs of your school. As part of an initial consultation, we will discuss your goals, the number of classrooms in your school, class sizes, age groups, and your desired frequency of Spanish classes - and together, we can design a program that fits your unique vision.


We take care of all of the administrative details!

We are committed to providing a quality program for your school and as part of that commitment, we promise to:

SUPPLY all of materials necessary for the Spanish classes.

IMPLEMENT a curriculum responsive to the needs your students.

ENSURE year-round training and weekly supervision meeting with our instructors.

CONDUCT ongoing background checks on our teachers.

PROVIDE substitutes when needed.


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What Others Say About Our Classes

"The instructors are caring and well prepared for each one of the classes at our preschool. Silvia has been wonderful to work with."

Jackie L., Seattle