Spanish for Beginners – 5 Tips to Get You Started

Spanish for Beginners – 5 Tips to Get You Started

Are you ready to start your Spanish language learning adventure? Are you looking for a Spanish for Beginners class? Are you a beginner and don’t know where to start? First, congratulations on your journey. It can be intimidating to start something new, especially the road to mastering a language. Now, the following tips can help you succeed in your Spanish venture!


Spanish for Beginners Tip #1: Translate Your Routine into Spanish Learning Opportunities.

We all have a routine, filled with activities we choose to do either out of obligation or interest. It can be especially difficult for beginners to incorporate Spanish into their routine. But why make learning Spanish a separate activity? Use the activities you do every day to help you keep motivated and learning.

Do you like to watch the News? KUNS Seattle is a great news source that you get to hear in Spanish. Other media sources such as magazines, children’s books, and websites can easily be found in Spanish as well. Do you have a hobby? Maybe you are an aspiring Chef? You could go onto YouTube and follow a recipe from a native Spanish speaker.

Start with one or two activities and before you know it, learning will be fun and become just a part of your day!


Spanish for Beginners Tip #2: Hang Out with Native Speakers.

While the thought of your feeble attempts at Spanish being judged by Spanish speaking sages may be more than a little intimidating, hanging out with native Spanish speakers is a wonderful opportunity to familiarize yourself with Spanish in a casual, low-stakes environment.

Start by getting to know a native Spanish speaker over dinner: food somehow finds a way to break down barriers, especially language ones. Catch a soccer game (or play one). Find a local meetup group or a School’s social event group. Take any opportunity to practice with your Spanish speaking neighbors, friends, local shops, etc.

Why not do a workshop in Spanish teaching something you are already passionate about, like cooking, music, or wine tasting?


Spanish for Beginners Tip #3: Get Connected.

Find a Spanish tutor or small group class focusing on Spanish for Beginners. If you are serious about learning Spanish, you will eventually have to find someone to help teach you.

Perhaps you have a long-term learning goal? A tutor will become your foundation for further learning. Make sure your tutor is a native speaker knowledgeable with grammatical concepts.

If you would like a class make sure the class size is small. Even within a beginning Spanish group, there are going to be considerable differences in levels and ability. A teacher will be able to focus on your needs more with a small group class.


Spanish for Beginners Tip #4: Start Building Up Your Vocabulary.

Do it online – A basic search of beginning Spanish vocabulary will take you to sites with online games, flashcards, quizzes, etc.

Do it at home – Place labels on all the items that you use regularly. Be sure to create the labels yourself, because it will give you that extra layer of learning. Start with 20 words and build on that every week or so. Flashcards are an easy and portable way to take beginning Spanish vocabulary on the go! Again, create them yourself and quiz yourself while you wait for an appointment or on the bus. It’s easy and practical.

Do it on your phone – There are some really fantastic language learning apps that are not only free but strangely addicting to use. Try Duolingo and you’ll be building up your Spanish in no time. Remember those flashcards? Now all you need is your phone (if piles of paper are too old-fashioned for you).


Spanish for Beginners Tip #5: Just Start!

Breathe, take a step, and then another. Start small and gradually incorporate more and more Spanish into your routine. It might seem daunting, but soon you will be engrossed in the journey. We can help you set up a combination of learning resources to help you move from beginning Spanish and onward to fluency. Get in touch with us and we can help hook you up with classes, workshops  and social events that are right for you.

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